Concierge In-Home Physical Therapy

Spine and Joint pain care for those who need immediate help, but don't have much time or capacity to get the care they need.

Save time, money, and hassles

No more waiting for weeks, avoid traffic and get the care you need now.

Private Attention

Get the most effective methods to rapidly reduce pain and get you moving again.

Weekly Check-ins & Coaching

Therapists are accessible via phone, text or email in case you have questions.

Start moving and feeling better today...without going to a busy clinic.

Waiting for it to just get better will only set you up for failure. Advertised quick-fixes usually result limited long term success. With Phyzios, we bring the clinic to you. Feel confident that you'll experience greater pain relief, less stress, move better and perform better - without leaving your home.

How does this work?

Book Appointment or Consult

Book your appointment directly or phone consult if you have more questions

Choose Correct Body Part Exam

Choose from Neck, Headache, Low back, Sciatica, Sports or Post-Surgical, Balance Training

Answer Intake Questions and Forms

These help to diagnose and determine the best approach for you

Prepare Your Rehab Space

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A Higher Standard

Specialized therapists who are reliable, on-time and accessible when you need us.

Our therapists have advance training in orthopedic manual therapy in addition to other specialty certifications.  With Phyzios, you can feel confident that you are in the best hands at home or our clinic.

Conditions We Can Help

Neck and Back Pain

Headache Pain

Spinal Nerve Pain

Sports Injuries

Post-Surgical Rehab

Balance Training

Private Client Physical Therapy

Our uninterrupted focus on each private client is what sets this practice apart from others. No matter if you need mobility work, training or physical therapy we have you covered. Our focus allows us to accomplish more in less time without sacrificing your valuable time.

But we don’t stop there. Our coaching platform or weekly check-ins help us make sure you reach your full potential as your recover and stay out of pain in the future.

Join today and gain access to personalised quality healthcare consultation from anywhere

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