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I actually experienced debilitating back pain to the point I was concerned for my physical health – even while trying to train. For several months I couldn’t walk or run normally. 

I had gained weight and my anxiety was getting worse. I needed to run. I started developing unhealthy habits during my down time. But I eventually found my way. I learned the body is resilient and can heal if you do the right things. Just like myself,  I saw my patients needed more than just hands-on care and exercises, because other aspects of life like being overweight,  stress, sleep and nutrition also impact pain and health.  I believe the body can heal and recover – because I experienced it first hand.

After a full recovery. I placed 3rd in a 25K Ruck Race carrying a 24 lb pack , while running. Pain free!

Accelerated Joint and Spine Healing with Nutrition Coaching

If you want long term success and not be limited by pain, nutrition coaching provides the guidance on building resilience, learning how to eat for optimizing healing and prevent recurrences of limiting pain. Joints and intervertebral discs can become weaker from poor dietary choices. Weakened joints exposed to excessive loads could accelerate joint or back problems.

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