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Not to get started. We may need to get one at a later point. You can also provide a copy of one  you were given. 

Yes your physical therapy prescription is good anywhere. However we will need to complete a new evaluation.

The first session (Foundation Session) is about 1 and 1/2 hours and includes exam and treatment. 

Clinic Follow-Up sessions are 45 minutes. 

Mobile PT Follow- Up Sessions are 60 minutes

Our specialty focus is treating joint pain, headaches, back pain and sports related injuries that have been difficult to get better or treat by other providers. 

Currently we can service the following areas:

The Woodlands,  Magnolia, Montgomery, Woodforest, Pinehurst, Stagecoach, Conroe, Tomball and surrounding areas


Most conditions will only require 1 visit a week. We can accomplish significant pain reduction and better movement in 1 visit.  Patients have direct access with the therapist in between visits to ensure proper progress and in case there is a new pain or issue. 

Post-surgical conditions, tendon problems and balance training may need more frequent sessions. 

Do you want a provider who can’t offer premium service? Accepting insurance means accepting restrictions on your care such as checking boxes, limited visits, limited therapist access, maximizing revenue (requiring the therapist to see other patients at the same time and have technician or assistant see you) and limited services such as dry needling.  For example, dry needling is not covered by insurance and requires an extra fee. We don’t charge extra for dry needling.  We currently don’t take Medicare. 

Foundation Session (First Session): $175

Mobile PT Follow-Up Session: $150

Clinic Follow-up Session: $85

Online Coaching Session: $45

Same Day Urgent Care Visit: $250 (call to schedule)

Ready to Get Started?

Everything sound good? We look forward to working with you. 

Cody West, PT

Spine and Orthopedic Physical Therapist

Fellowship Trained

Only 1% of physical therapists are Fellowship trained. Fellowship trained physical therapists are able to make more accurate musculoskeletal assessments and provide faster results. Cody completed training through the Institute of Athlete Regeneration.

Professional Sports Training

Cody trained through Alabama Sports Medicine while working in Canadian Football League in addition to helping provide therapy to High School Sports Teams

20+ Years Experience

Cody has treated the spectrum of musculoskeletal disorders including neurologic and balance disorders.

Cody West, PT

Physical Therapist

“Whether it’s life or the body, it’s not the load that breaks the body down, it’s the load you’re not prepared for. “