A Better Way

 Phyzios was created to offer a white glove service for people who need an elite level of physical therapy and rehabilitation but in a convenient, accessible way.  Patients need more than just exercise demonstrations on camera . Rapid pain reduction and returning to work or play faster can only happen with combination of listening, manual therapy, soft tissue work, coaching and movement training.    

Cody West, PT

My Skills

Spinal Manipulation

Dry Needling

soft tissue mobilization

nutrition coaching

manual therapy

strength coaching

Cody West, PT

Spine and Orthopedic Physical Therapist

Fellowship Trained

Only 1% of physical therapists are Fellowship trained. Fellowship trained physical therapists are able to make more accurate musculoskeletal assessments and provide faster results. Cody completed training through the Institute of Athlete Regeneration.

Professional Sports Training

Cody trained through Alabama Sports Medicine while working in Canadian Football League in addition to helping provide therapy to High School Sports Teams

20+ Years Experience

Cody has treated the spectrum of musculoskeletal disorders including neurologic and balance disorders.

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