Concierge Pain Care and Rehabilitation

In Our Clinic or Your Home.

Have You Experienced This?

You deserve better. 

Whether you are an athlete or work from home parent, your time is valuable.  We can bring the clinic to you in the privacy of your own home.  Saving you time and not having to put work and life on hold.

Conditions We Help

Sports Injuries

Balance Problems

Functional Weakness

Joint and Back Pain

There Is A Better Way

Our approach to pain care and rehabilitation takes into account the person as a whole. 

We evaluate causative and ongoing contributing factors such physical activity levels, load tolerance, stress, workout routines, nutrition and lifestyle habits in addition to structural and movement impairments.

You can feel confident despite what you have been told, you will get the answers you need and ultimately feel better in the long term

What Our Clients Say

"Cody was a fantastic physical therapist. After going to several phys therapy chains with no result and a completely lack of care, Cody was so helpful for helping to resolve an issue with my neck and arm".
B Sess
"I have doctor tell me the hip surgery is needed. The pain was bad and walking hard. Doctor say I need hip replacement. I ask Cody for help and he stopped me from needing surgery. I can do all things now."
O Matiz


All sessions are $125 and last 1 hour. We utilize out of network benefits. Your payment can be applied to your deductible. 

Not to get started. We may need to get one at a later point to get more time. You can also provide a copy of one  you were given. 

Most conditions will only require 1 visit a week. We can accomplish significant pain reduction and better movement in 1 visit.  The total number of sessions will depend on your individual problem.


How It Works

Our programs are customized to your needs and designed to maximize your success.

FOundation session

This a deep dive into your structural and functional issues, lifestyle habits, and testing in addition to initiating treatment.

set goals

After the foundation session we discuss your expectations and our expectations. Together we look at the big picture and your goals.

plan of action

After establishing your goals, we review program options that best suits your goals.

Locally Owned and Operated

Cody West, PT

Fellowship Trained

Only 1% of physical therapists are Fellowship trained. Fellowship trained physical therapists are able to make more accurate musculoskeletal assessments and provide faster results. Cody completed training through the Institute of Athlete Regeneration.

Professional Sports Training

Cody trained through Alabama Sports Medicine while working in Canadian Football League in addition to helping provide therapy to High School Sports Teams

20+ Years Experience

Cody has treated the spectrum of musculoskeletal disorders including neurologic and balance disorders.

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